The Flood on the prowl

To say The Flood is like /b/ is like saying that dropping your eyeliner in the toilet is like the BP oil spill. Despite this, there are some arseholes on The Flood who believe this very thing, only to be tarred and feathered by the more internet-savvy members who have plenty of oil at their disposal for tarring and feathering.

In any case, the Flood boils down to these points:

  • The prohibition of pornography (not necessarily a good thing).
  • It's even more retarded.
  • The mods try to repress the stupidity, resulting in many bans.
  • porches

The easiest way to troll the flood is to simply make a thread about any of the following: Politics, MW2 being good, religion, girls, being gay, saying rap is good, saying rock is good, music in general, porches, and anything else you can think of. It is supposedly "protected" by a group called "The Flood's Army". Mainly just sit on their asses.