iExplicit Chaos (Bnet name Decieved Soul) is a great Halo Reach Player. He is the leader of the "Wake of Devestation" clan that currently has 14 members. He is the ex-lead vocalist for a band he was in.

Explicit is a fan of Halo. His first Halo title was Halo: CE when he was in second grade. He was late for school and his dad was playing Halo and was leaving for work and allowed Christian to play. Christian than asked how you play and he'll never forget the words his Dad said, "Learn as you go." His love for Halo grew. From the first level he played on Silent Cartagropher, to a Halo fan with Posters, Action figures, books, and games. He maintains a pretty healthy social life. He has 3 best friends and hangs out with other people occasionaly. He is currently going to be a Freshman. He is having a very hard time on deciding what High School to go to and Its 5 weeks away.

Overall, Christian is a funny kid, with a good heart.

iExplicit, or Christian, resides in Indiana. Where he plays his 360, hangs with his friends, and enjoys life.

Members of "Wake of Devastation" includeEdit

iExplicit Chaos

Dark Night133

Adolf Hitler



Meman Gamma




And a few others..


iExplicit (Christian) has a few phobias.

One, being the dark.

Two, being alone.

And the biggest phobia he has..

Growing Up.Edit

Christian has a huge fear of growing up. He is going to be a Freshman in highschool. He doesn't quite often like change. He doesn't want to grow up cause he doesn't want to live feeling the pain of if anything were to happen to his family. He hopes maybe the world would end in the next 5-7 years as the signs have occured a lot recently.